• GfK Custom Research Baltic and RAIT have merged operations in the Baltics.
    The joint company has a team of 40 people.
    GfK Baltics is renamed to RAIT and will continue operations as before in partnership with global GfK.
    The deal does not include GfK Retail and Technology part.


Client: Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania

Date: 2008-2009m.

Aims of the research

Aims of the project: Analyse the situation before launching the project Libraries for Innovation and measure initial monitoring indicators; prepare teaching material for teaching the fundamentals of sociological research and train the employees of Lithuanian public libraries.

Survey methods and sample

3,070 respondents by face-to-face interview and internet survey, 14 focus group discussions, 20 in-depth interviews. Collection of information for longitudinal analysis.