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Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

This method is based on a methodological provision that each product, commodity or service has a specific reflection in the consciousness of consumers, which provides the basis for development and management of brands.

Focus groups can be divided into several categories.

Regular group: 8-10 respondents participate in the discussion which takes place in special rooms with one-way mirror and video/audio equipment. The discussion lasts up to 2 hours.

The mini-FGD is attended by 4-6 respondents. It is designed to find out the opinions, attitudes, and beliefs of hard-to-reach target groups (for example, doctors, business owners, lawyers) about a certain product, item or service.

Disccusion online: this method is different because the discussion takes place using a computer program. This give you an opportunity to invite people from various cities to the same FGD which wouldn’t be possible on site. The discussion is administrated by the moderator over ZOOM or any other platform.

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